WHAT IS  ROAD RACING ALL ABOUT?  Membership Application   
 Distance running in the early days was limited both in the distance run and in the opportunity to compete. Distances were generally less than six miles and were run on the track or as cross country runs. Through the 1950s, track in America was a school sport with post graduation activity limited to those of Olympic quality competing in a few meets sponsored by the TAC.
At this time medical treatment was practiced only as a means to treat and heal the injured and ill. In the early 1960s a segment of the medical profession began to support preventive medical care through physical conditioning of the body to retard aging, abate injury and build immunity to many forms of illness. Jogging or easy distance running was stressed as the simplest, most convenient, lowest cost and one of the best overall conditioning activities. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, author of the book Aerobics, played a major role in this concept. As little as 20 minutes of aerobic exercise every other day will minimize the risk of heart disease.
Armed with an excuse acceptable to society, would-be runners by the thousands no longer resisted the pent-up desire to run. Also released was the desire to compete. Out of this grew the sport of road racing. Road races are held year-round in keeping with the philosophy of running for health, fitness and fun.
As the number of joggers, walkers and runners grew, the opportunities to compete increased, and track clubs began to form as did a national organization, the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). Many road races have more than 5,000 competitors, and spectators at these events have raised numbers even higher.
Since 1988, the number of walkers at all distances has increased dramatically. MTC encourages its sponsors to include a walkers’ division in their events.

• is recognized as a major running/walking sport,
joining cross country, indoor track and outdoor
track and field;
• has more to offer and is more important to the
average runner or walker;
• provides opportunity from the most casual walker
to the Olympic contender;
• has events for all ages, both sexes, and all levels of

Running and walking are more than just competition; both are fun and healthful to all.
If you would like to join us as part of this great sport, send in your application today.
 WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE MTC?  Membership Application   
• To promote walking, jogging, fun runs, road races, 
cross country, and track and field in Jackson and the state of 
• To stimulate interest in healthful participation in 
scheduled and non-scheduled events;
• To establish an effective means of communication to 
keep the community and membership informed of
new developments in running, walking, and health;
• To train and certify competent officials and 
organizers of running and walking events.
 WHAT IS THE BACKGROUND OF THE MTC?  Membership Application   
• The Mississippi Track Club was organized in the fall 
of 1971;
• The club became a member of the Road Runners 
Club of America (RRCA) in 1975;
• MTC was incorporated in 1979;
• We became an affiliate of the Athletics Congress, now the
U.S. Track & Field Association, in 1979.
 WHAT EVENTS DOES THE MTC SPONSOR?  Membership Application   
MTC co-sponsors with other organizations runs, walks, and
fun runs ranging from 1 mile to the marathon (26.2 miles).
 WHAT ARE OTHER ACTIVITIES OF  MTC?  Membership Application   
• To publish a newsletter, including race results and
information on upcoming events in Mississippi;
• To purchase and maintain equipment (stopwatches,
chronomix timers, digital race clocks, PA system, etc.) for use
in running events;
• To publicize and promote running, walking and physical
fitness in Mississippi;
• To provide speakers and information to organizations and
businesses interested in running, walking and health;
• To assist with seminars, clinics and fun runs to help new
runners and walkers get started, and experienced racers
improve and stay healthy.
• Informative bi-monthly newsletter, The Magnolia Runner, 
including calendar and flyers for upcoming races;
• Disconts on meals at BRAVO!*
• Membership in RRCA (a national organization);
• Subscription to Footnotes, the RRCA magazine;
• MTC logo merchandise (see order form);
• A voice in club activities and election of officers;
• The satisfaction of helping to further a worthwhile and 
healthful activity.
WHO CAN JOIN THE MTC?  Membership Application   
• MTC welcomes anyone from the serious competitor to the
casual jogger or walker, whether you want to participate as 
runner, walker, race official, volunteer or spectator;
• Anyone who has an interest in running or walking and who
wants to support the sport. It is not necessary to possess
special skills or qualifications to join, you choose your own
degree of participation;
• Whether you are dedicated to running or walking or are
simply interested in supporting the sport, the Mississippi 
Track Club is for YOU.
HOW MUCH DOES MEMBERSHIP IN MTC COST?  Membership Application   
• Regular memberships are $20.00 per year.
• Youth (17 and under) and Senior (55-plus) memberships are
$15.00 per year,
• Family memberships are $20.00 for the first member and
$5.00 for each additional family member (same address).
HOW ARE DUES USED BY MTC?   Membership Application    
• Membership dues are needed by MTC to support its
programs, printing, mailing costs, equipment, etc.
• Members receive in return an official membership number
and card entitling them to all benefits listed above.

*Must show active membership card for discounts.


“Running is a road to self-awareness and self-reliance...
You can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of
your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a 
solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet, but when
you are through, exhilarated and exhausted, at least for a moment 
everything seems right with the world.”