The website for state records is at: http://www.staterunningrecords.com/

    Results from races run on certified road courses should be forwarded to:  Buck Jones at:  ms@staterunningrecords.com

        Results should contain the following data for all runners:
                  Runnerís name
                  Runnerís time
                  Runnerís age
                  Runnerís hometown
                  Date and location of the race at the top of the results
                  Course certification number at the top of the results
                  Be sure to keep entry/registration forms handy for a period of time to retrieve birth dates for only those runners setting state records

   The Mississippi State Records are kept on a strictly volunteer basis and no compensation is taken or accepted by the record keeper. The records may be copied and printed in newsletters or other publications as desired.

    Most of the work has been done on the 10k at this point. All of the records compiled in the 10k have been taken from the Gum Tree and Coca Cola 10k races at this point. It is hoped that other races and clubs in Mississippi will contact the record keeper with race results from certified 10k races run both currently and around the state in past years.

    The marathon and half marathon records list have several races from Jackson, Ridgeland and Tupelo compiled into each but are composed of mostly pending records at this time due to missing birth dates of the runners to confirm records.

     There are probably more 5k races in Mississippi than any other distance but very few of them have gotten course certifications. Please contact Buck Jones above for Information on how to get your race certified.