All of us have been affected one way of the other by COVID-19.  The pandemic has changed the way we do everyday activities and reshaped our views in ways we never imagined.  Road racing has not been immune to these changes, but the fact is many people are anxious to get out and participate in group activities.  The pandemic has created an awareness on the benefits  of being healthy and active.  You need not go far to see an increase  in walking, jogging, running, hiking and cycling in our communities. 

After much research and a few preliminary race events, MS Race Timing has been able to put together information that may be useful to your organization when trying to make a decision to move forward with your event.   Attached please find our recommendations to aid you in your decision making process.  These recommendations were gathered from research from other race events, Road Runners Club of America and our experience.  These recommendations are meant to be a starting point and to create a discussion in your committee and community to make sure your event will be enjoyable, rewarding and above all safe for all parties involved.  

Please review the attachments and feel free to reach out to us if we need to clarify anything or if you have other ideas on how best to run your event.  Hopefully this pandemic will pass and we can begin to get out and gather in groups again.  However, this event will probably have long lasting effects on how we do things moving forward.  We believe that those who adjust and are willing to change will be the ones who will survive and prosper on the other side of this. 

Mike and Susan Crandall

Race Day Recommendations

Starting Chute Setup